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If you have a shelter success story that you would like to share with us,
please email us your story and a photo of the animal and we will post it on our page.

"I was looking at your website and seen there was a place for pets that have been adopted. 2 years ago my sister adopted a dog from you and gave her to me for my christmas present. She's been the best dog ever! She went to a great home, I'm very fortunate to have her and could not ask for a better dog. 

Her name is Jente. It's norwegian for "girl".
Her adoption name was Sweetness."

~ Alyssa L. Lundgren

I came to the Humane Society a little over a month ago. I saw an article in the newspaper on a specific cat. When I arrived there that cat was very sweet, but very timid and shy. I went into the “cat room” to look around and this plain-looking, full-grown tabby cat was sitting on the window post. He was very “healthy” looking as well! I gave him a quick glance only because my eye was drawn to two sibling cats that were black with some white. They were so pretty! When I tried to pet them, the plain-tabby cat dashed off his sitting post and intercepted my hand before I could pet the two black cats! How could I ignore that! He chose me and that meant something. “Goober” is not fancy looking and his looks aren’t unique, but he is the most amazing cat I have ever had! I was looking for a cat that wanted to be out in the open and not hide behind furniture all the time. Goober does not hide, in fact, he will do almost anything to get a hand on him. He lives for attention and that is exactly what I was looking for. He is my buddy. He sleeps at my side and waits for my arrival home from work. He has such a unique personality. Although he gets annoyed with my 2 young sons, he would never hurt them. He loves our dog, too!  I am so glad he chose me!!!! I probably wouldn’t have chosen the name “Goober”, but after living with him, I couldn’t imagine his name not being “Goober!”  Thank you!      ~ Tonya P.

Everest was one of 107 dogs living between two trailer houses in Bemidji MN. Our Humane Society picked up 6 of these dogs from the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley as they were seeking help to place the dogs. Everest was given her name as she had the highest mountain to climb as she was very nervous and fearful of people. Many volunteers took time to work with Everest and three weeks after arriving at the shelter she was adopted by her forever family.

~ Bobbie, HSKC Director

Kubel (aka Virtue) was adopted May 13, 2011 for my son. They are the best of friends and I couldn't imagine our life without her. My son and daughter (Isaiah and Ivy) volunteered walking dogs during the summer with my mom (Gloria Ferguson).

~ Christine Riemersma

Here are Kali and Bear. We adopted both of the from Hawk Creek and they have really settled in at home and are doing great. They are my loves and I would be lost with out them! Thanks again Hawk Creek.

~ Lynn Schmidt

I adopted a dog named “Dockie” from you folks last fall—a beautiful lab/border collie cross pup, and I just wanted to update you on her status. Rinty Mae (as she was renamed on the ride home), has been doing great! She is the most energetic, athletic dog I have ever met, so was a bit more than we bargained for at first. She’s incredibly bright, though, and has a border collie’s drive to learn and work, and we’ve all settled into a good rhythm together. We go to the off-leash park every day, and she can run for a solid three hours without wearing out. It’s remarkable to watch her. As one man said while watching her leap through a swamp, “Now that is a mighty dog!”  We’ve also been working on catching tennis balls out of the air, and her leaps are just incredible to watch. We’re going to be moving on to Frisbees soon, and are hoping to take a disc dog class together towards the end of the summer.

Rinty is also incredibly affectionate, loyal and expressive. She sleeps at the foot of my bed every night and likes to ride in the front seat of the car with her head on my knee. She is always ready for a snuggle on the couch, and gets along with every animal and person that she meets. She still occasionally flashes a submissive “smile,” particularly when my old dog gets frustrated with her antics and gives her a growl. She also does a lot of herding; though she looks primarily like a lab, she clearly has a lot of herding breed going on. Interestingly, her fur has recently started to turn chocolate brown in spots.

Rinty was about 30 pounds when I adopted her, and now she is over 50 pounds of pure muscle. She really is an amazing girl, and I feel so fortunate to have her in our pack!

Thank you, and keep up the important work!
~ Jed, Sarah, Rinty, Riffraff and Auggie

My husband and I adopted Christina (shortened to Tina) on Jan. 10, 2007. She spent most of her time with Sonney. We lost him Nov. 1st, 2009 and she has taken care of me ever since. Tina and I have moved to Lakeville, Mn to be closer to family. She let's me live with her but she has been a blessing!!!!! At the time of her adoption we lived in Granite Falls. She gives me a reason to greet the day and to go on with "our" lives. Best thing we ever did!!!!     

~ Cheryl Bohlman

I adopted Roscoe on 7/23/2005. He was a lab/Sheppard that stole my heart when I volunteered a few times. He was named Roscoe when I first met him, and I immediately felt that he was meant to be my companion. We had pets named after the "Dukes of Hazard" and aside from the connection I felt when I was with him, it seemed meant to be as his name fit in already. He was an adult dog when I adopted him, and I remember feeling so bad for him when I would see him laying on the floor in his kennel.....I was so worried he would not be adopted since he was older, and not necessarily "playful" like other dogs that were there at the time.

After a lot of basically begging my significant other and my landlords to let me get a second dog I finally got permission to adopt him! It was one of the happiest days of my life. Roscoe was able to come home with me! When we got home, Roscoe fit in immediately. He loved my 2 year old daughter, got along well with my black lab, and was very interested in my cats :-) When I brought him to the vet, they determined him to be about a year or two older than my black lab, and they told me he may have problems with his hips as he aged. I understood hip displasya as I lost my childhood pet due to this. I made sure to purchase the vitamins and give him aspirin to help with his pain as the years went on.

Roscoe was doing well with his hip problems, and rarely showed any symptoms for a long time. He grew to love Cooter (my black lab) and the rest of the family very much, and he watched over us at all times. He was the most loyal dog I have ever seen. He was constantly by my side, and even layed at my feet when I went to the bathroom. The only thing he was afraid of was thunder storms, and with that he just stayed by my side while touching me until they were over. Even when he was in trouble for going potty in the house or getting into the garbage while I was gone, he wagged his tale when I would chew him out :-) It was as if he was just so grateful to be loved.

Until 2011 I lived in town. We moved to the country in 2011 and he was so happy. He made best friends with our new 2 year old yellow lab (Jack). I did not have to chain him up any longer when he was outside as he was content with being able to wander the farm. He "fathered" all of the small animals in the barn - kittens, calves, and even a foal. If the kittens were getting rough with each other he would break them up and sit in between them until they had "calmed down" LOL! He always "mothered" the smaller animals and kept a watchful eye on them.

If I left for any amount of time without bringing him with, he would be sitting in the middle of the gravel road awaiting my return when I got home. I could tell that his hips were getting poor being in the country, but he just never gave up. When we would go for walks around the section, he would insist on coming with to sniff out the coyote holes and watch over me, Cooter, Jack, and a few kittens that would tag along.. Jack and I  would always have to slow on the way home because Roscoe just couldn't keep up. Jack cared for him very much. If Roscoe was tired, Jack would run ahead a little and then stand and wait until Roscoe caught up. (Jack was saved by my now husband from a shelter a few hours away). Roscoe loved nature and everything in it. He was the most gentle dog I have ever seen when it came to nature.

In September of 2012, I was canning tomatoes from my garden that Roscoe would insist on "helping" me with. My cell rang and it was a number I did not recognize so I did not answer. A little while later when I had a break in canning, I listened to the voice mail. A farmer from near by had called and left a message that he found Roscoe and it looked like he had been hit by a vehicle and was in pretty bad shape. My stepsons raced down the road when we heard the message, and brought him immediately to our vet. When I got there, he was laying in the back of the truck hurting very badly. He had been hit by a vehicle and was bleeding badly from his ear. The vet said he had been dragged down the road with the vehicle. He was unresponsive to my sons when they put him in the truck but as soon as he saw me, he limped over to me and put his head on my was almost like he was saying sorry. Complete loyalty.
I told the vet that there was no limit to money, I needed him to help Roscoe. Roscoe stayed at the Wilmar Pet Hospital for 3 days. They did find out that his left ear and canal was completely torn from his body, but they could not do surgery to see if they could repair it because he would not be able to withstand surgery. I visited him and held him each day. They said he was pretty much unresponsive until I would come in, and he would try to limp over to me. I was so upset. Angry with the doctors for not being able to do more, and angry at myself for letting him be on his own that day. On the third day, I made the heartbreaking decision to let his suffering end. I knew in my heart that he was only holding on because of his loyalty to me. He didn't want to disappoint me. My husband and I went in that morning and I held him and talked to him. I let him know that he was the best dog to ever walk the earth and that I would never forget his love and loyalty.But most of all I let him know that he was a GOOD dog.

I held him while they put him down and we looked into each others eyes the whole time. It was the hardest thing I have EVER had to do, but I just couldn't see him suffer any longer for me. We guessed his age to be about 14 or 15 when he took his final rest. I came home that day with his collar and the stuffed animal we had brought for him a day earlier and my dogs were in despair. They had a hard time adjusting to life without Roscoe. As we all did :-( I found that everything I did reminded me of him. I cried going to the barn where he use to walk beside me doing chores, I cried sitting on the couch - knowing he was not at my feet, I even cried just walking around the house because he use to follow me everywhere I exceptions.

I had his body cremated, and when I brought home his ashes, I set them on the mantle and was adjusting his collar and stuffed animal around them, when my dogs heard the collar jingle they ran to the window thinking he was home. With heavy hearts we sat on the floor and I held the collar out to them. They licked it and nuzzled it, and they seemed to understood that he was not coming home.

Since then, Jack and Coooter have picked up Roscoe's "duties". They are very attentive to me, and watchful over our family and animals. Jack goes where I go, and Cooter is watchful of the animals here. I know they miss their "brother" dearly and I miss my best friend, but we are learning day by day to rejoice in the life he did live.

I know this seems like a sob story, and I do have to explain why it is a success story. I don't expect you to put this on the website due to the sadness of it. I just want to say that it was a success because Roscoe lived a happy and fulfilled life. He was the happiest and most thankful dog (best friend) that I have ever seen. He got his second chance unlike many other dogs and he lived a full life. When he was hit by that vehicle he was doing what he loved. His dreams had come true - a family that loved him, a family to watch over, and freedom to explore and run. His life was great because he was adopted, and not given up on. He made sure everyone in his life knew he was grateful. He was given that second chance that many dogs are not fortunate enough to have.I am truly blessed to have been fortunate enough to have Roscoe in my life for 7 years. I learned alot from him and he helped me through alot of major life struggles.

I proudly wear a necklace that has some of his ashes in it. He wanted to be with me at all times, and now he truly is. I would like to thank Kandiyohi County Humane Society for adopting him to me. He was the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and I believe it is because he was adopted. He was given a second chance at life. He aimed to please and please he did. Thank you, and I am sorry for the long email :-) I am still healing and thinking of him every day.

~ Melody Klaphake (was Melody Arkell)

Rupert's a special part of our family!

~ Laurie Peterson

I am almost embarrassed in some ways to tell this story but I am so thankful for our "Finny-Baby" I just have to share it. Two years ago, December 2011, we adopted "Turkey" who was part of a litter that had been named after Thanksgiving foods. We renamed him "Finn." He seemed like such a timid little guy at 6-weeks. His remaining sister was vying for my attention, but I was drawn to the one I perceived had less energy. I didn't want a high energy dog. Admittedly, I didn't do my homework like I should have. I was adopting a Miniature Schnauzer/Australian Shepherd mix...they are high energy breeds;now I know. I also had never had or trained a puppy before. I was sooooo sucked in by that cute face!! SUCKER! I had no idea what I was in for! Oh my, the tears this puppy caused me to shed! I was at my wits end, so many times. I even contacted the shelter to see about returning him, but finally the thought of doing that made me cry even harder. I had chosen this puppy and we were just going to have figure out how to live with one another.

We've figured it out, for the most part. Yes, he is still naughty everyday, but who isn't? Ha! Two years later, Finn is like Velcro.Most of the time he is curled up on top me in my recliner, or next to my chest in bed at night. He is my Finny-Baby.

Missy was surrendered to the shelter by her owners as they were no longer able to care for her medical needs.
Here is Missy when she arrived:
Here is Missy 4 months later while she was still at the shelter:
And here is Missy in her new home and a message from her new owner:

"Hi.  I just wanted to drop a note to let you know Missy (we call her Maizy) is still doing wonderful here. I attached a picture of her with our two other dogs Olive and Bella. They get along great though getting them all to sit still for a picture was interesting ;) We just got her into the vet this last Friday so our vet has her entire history and will be working with us to keep her healthy. I can't say enough good things about her. She has adjusted well here and is really starting to come out of her shell showing us her playful side. :) She loves the kids and the other pets. She is so well behaved. We just love her!!! Can't thank you enough for letting us adopt her!! :)"


Hello, we thought the staff might be interested in seeing how Robin settled in since we adopted him about two weeks ago.  Or might I say, he seems to have adopted us.  There was never any issues whatsoever in his transition to our household.  He came into the house, checked everything out, and made himself at home.  He loves to play with his toys, especially when we interact with him.  He’s excited about going for walks, never had any issues with being house trained, has the run of the house and does not bother anything at all.  He is totally devoted to both of us, follows us everywhere and does not let us out of his sight.  He’s met his vet a couple of times already, and they love him, the groomer even gave a quick trim to get rid of the bangs over his eyes so he can see better.  (He looks better too).  I must add that we also changed his name to Cooper.  That has been changed in the database for his microchip as well, and he now has pet insurance. He has his gruff little bark whenever he gets excited when we come home after a day at work.  In short, he is one happy go lucky guy and we are blessed that he came into our household.

Ron and Orlene Gorder
Lowry,  MN


I bought my puppy from hawk creek animal shelter back in October of 2015. She was came to you guys at 3 months old with a bunch of other puppies. She was the last one left and I  just adored her even though she may of been scared and didn't know what was happening but is very timid  and unsure of any males  but loves female and children but its still a work in progress everyday with training.but she's gotten so much better since day one.  I knew me and nick could give her the love a dog should get. Her original name was cline but we renamed her to chloe. She amazes me every day and she is full grown at 41 pounds.

Sofia Harmon


My daughter and I adopted a senior dog at your facility right before Christmas.  Charlie was a Christmas present from my daughter and son, and what a special gift for me.  Charlie managed to chew up two fluffy dog beds and a decorative pillow on my bed, and had a bad habit of humping everything.  I found giving him some time, and being stern with him with a verbal "No Charlie", worked wonderfully on letting him know what he should or shouldn't be doing.  Charlie was very obsessed with fetching his ball (you sent one with us) and as time has gone on, I believe it was his way of coping with all the changed in his life.  Don't get me wrong, he still loves to play fetch, but not 24/7.  I've only had him a short time, but each day he is showing me (and my kids) how exceptionally smart he is and how easy he is to train.  As of now, he is starting to play with my other two dogs and my adult children's dogs.  He is very easy going in that aspect.  I think he was kind of lost after losing his owner, and I am so glad that the remaining years Charlie has left he will have all the love and spoiling in the world by me and my family.  Thank you for taking in all the unwanted and/or mistreated animals and finding them forever homes.  Be assured that I love Charlie with all my heart.  Chris Remmel


This is Shelbie and her dog Ace. He is a little terrier mix she adopted from Hawk Creek Shelter. They always talk about doing a DNA test to find out his breed. He looks like a terrier mix of some kind. But, at times he looks like a little monkey. The funniest thing about him is how high he jumps. We all think he has springs for legs. He can jump over gates, fences, up on the counter, and one day they found him up on top of the refrigerator looking for snacks!!!!  Ace is the best, “calm, neutral dog," around other dogs you ever wanted to meet. He remains calm and has great calming signals to other dogs. He loves kids and people. He loves to snuggle with Shelbie. Shelbie’s mom loves little Ace so much!!!!!! The coolest thing about Ace is that he passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and his Therapy Dog Test. So him and Shelbie are a Therapy Dog Team!!! They visit nursing homes and Shelbie is a Massage Therapist and does Massages through the Litchfield Hospice program and she wants to take Ace on some therapy dog visits with her clients. Ace and Shelbie did their AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Training at Star Dreamer Ranch TTouch Dog Training Center in Litchfield, MN.     



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